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Time:07:58 am
Current Mood:excitedexcited

Yes, I'm about to board a flight back to Melbourne, look forward to seeing some of you soon!


AND COMMONWEALTH GAMES!! In the words of Ray Ray, Fridge Fridge Fridge Telephone Telephone!!!
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Time:11:23 am
Current Mood:hothot

  • It's now about the 5th day I haven't had uni... and I've barely done any study :P ARGH PHAIL

  • Gan the silly geeza d/l Age of Empires III and finished it during swotvac... so now all the compy science/engineering boys are going to be v. v. screwed for exams next week. Kendrick included (I saw him playing it in the kitchenette the other day!).

  • The boys are still playing warcraft every day... a new version of DotA has just come out (a map we play), and so they've been at it all week. Damn I hate Soon for constantly distracting me and calling me up and getting me to play! But I've been very good and only played once :O hehe

  • I've resulted to chaining my door shut and wedging it open (so I can get the air con) so I can study... Surprisingly, it actually works! It's stopped Gan, Jo and Cam randomly charging in and distracting me ;)

  • It has been stinking hot in Adelaide for the past 2 days and it doesn't help when my window directly faces the afternoon sun. Thank god for air conditioning on 3rd floor.

  • ARGH THANK YOU SEETHIE WEETHIE BAGEETHIE SEETHNUTS for sending me those AWESOME videos!! I cried from laughter so much while I was watching them... made me miss all you geezas back home :( But they were so hilarious and now all my friends who have watched them think you're all crazy!

  • Had the exec handover dinner on Sunday - it was AWESOME FUN!! The best people turned up (all the bitter people *cough*KEN&friends*cough* didn't show cos they were too bitter) and we had an awesome club-funded meal with alcohol at a cafe up the road :) Then we got pissed on punch (not cool, 1 day before the start of swotvac) in the pres' room (which will be Jess' next year! YAY) and played gamecube all night. Hehe 'twas FANTASTIC, had the best night with the BEST PEOPLE.

  • Room preferences for next year were due on Monday - it's allocated by points, which accumulate over the years you stay here. If you want the same room next year, you automatically get it. If you have more points than someone else and both want the same room, you preferentially get the room, but if you're on the same number of points whoever handed it in first gets it. So, Mark and I camped out in front of the office overnight to ensure that we got good places in the queue - even though I want my old room and so automatically get it back, and Mark only wanted to beat Sravan to it! LOL. We had awesome fun though, talking all night and having a campout outside the front office! And I got that number 1 on my form ;) hehe I'm CRAZY

  • Everyone wants to move up onto our floor next year! (we can tell by the number of randoms floating around with their room allocation forms busily scribbling down room numbers) Hehe our floor is the BEST. But I don't want all these silly intruders to come in... :( some of them I don't really like... god I'm mean. hehe. luckily half of us are staying here (yay my boys) and they need a few rooms free for freshers

  • My horse came 3rd in the Lincoln Melbourne Cup sweep! Xcellent! Shows that betting does pay off at times ;)

  • The college photo finally came in! My organisation finally paid off. :D Although there was a huge kerfuffle about it in the exec meeting with certain bitter people attacking me about distribution... but screw them all, they're not worth dealing with and the photo is lovely and everyone at college bar one friendship group is happy so I'm very happy with it :)

  • College politics are running wild... everyone is stressed for exams, a group of people is extremely bitter (all but one of them were defeated in the positions they were standing for in the college club elections and can't build bridges and can't face that the people who beat them were 1000000 times better than them anyway. Anyway, their bitterness shows why they didn't deserve their places in the first place, especially when they're not talking to any of us decent people who are on the exec next year), and my close friends have been having MASS relationship problems. Not too cool during swotvac, but we're all coping now, and things are gradually settling down. But it made the first few days of swotvac very hard... :(

  • Still haven't planned the end of the year, I have no idea when I'm coming back... I want to visit Whyalla, help out with o'week next year on the o'week committee, help out with med interviews and attend the clinical skills refresher course... argh can't plan.

  • And randomly: I WANTED TO CRY IN GREY'S ANATOMY S2EP6 :'(

And now a photo of my room if you dare... haha I have TOP photoshop skills
My desk...Collapse )

Swotvac choccy counter: 1 block of Marble choccy, 1/2 box of roses, 1 pack of m&ms, 1/3 block wonka choccy, way too much milo... argh I am going to be a FAT BLOB.
Will probably update again later this week when I am stressed off my nut and need to procrastinate...
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Current Music:Backstreet Boys - Everybody
Time:02:50 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
Argh HELLOOOOOOOOO everyone!

Firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chris for today and Seetha for tomorrow (probably won't update for another while so better a day early rather then never I suppose!)!! ARGH you guys are so OLD. tee hee. Hope you have great spunkytastic birthdays and hope you like your presents ;)

Well, I'm back to college for the FINAL TERM of the year which is really rather exciting but scary how exams are so close :S I have 7/9/11/17 November which is not too badly spread out so I'm as happy as I can be about having exams. Not to mention they cancelled our Clinical Skills and MPPD stations on our prac exam which is SWEET cos that will save me having to learn and memorise 4 different histories and physical exams. YAY.

I've had a fantastically bludgy week (ONLY 8 HOURS!! LIKE OMG) but have spent most of my free time procrastinating, catching up on all the TV on the network I've missed (Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, The OC, House, Las Vegas, American Dad, Family Guy... the list goes on), catching up with everyone, and doing ABSOLUTELY nothing :P Hmm I really should start revising for med especially... considering the lack of study I did during the hols. Big OOPS.

Got back on Sunday, spent the whole day unpacking (I have accumulated an amazing amount of crap) and went to contact officer training (interesting group we have for next year!). Contact officers are volunteer students who act as recognised support members of the college - so people can talk to them about harrasment, stress, or whatever else. Have contemplated going to the beach numerous times this week (the weather up until today has been BEAUTIFUL) but can never be bothered. Spent all of Monday afternoon (woo public holiday in Adelaide) lazing on the grass, getting sunburnt and listening to music out of Luke's window hee hee we probably disturbed all of college. I've been enjoying the lack of timetabled classes this week but have been doing lots of little procrastinatory things like washing, sticking up my 130 photos on my wall, going for runs (went for 3.5km at the boys' pace and DIED halfway before getting personally trained by Brian, this Singapore army dude who was like THERE IS NO PAIN, KEEP BREATHING DEEPLY, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT etc LOL), going shopping... BAD MEGAN.

Today was a good day - I had pregnant lady visits in the morning. I was really quite nervous beforehand, and after being in the clinic for about 1.5 hrs without any success due to lack of people due during March-June next year and people saying no, I finally found someone - this really nice lady due mid-March whose husband wasn't there so couldn't give me a defiinte answer, but who said he'd probably say yes. I spent about 15 minutes talking to her, she was really friendly. Only thing is, I wanted someone due a bit later cos I would really like to be at the birth, providing they consent of course, but didn't want it too early just in case it was delivered prematurely and I'd still be in Melbourne for holidays. Waited around for another 1.5 hours, while the two others there in my timeslot got pregnant ladies and left, and searching through all the charts only to find they were due during JANUARY or FEBRUARY or were 38 wks pregnant which was really annoying. Then, as I was just about to leave I thought I'd do one last check, only to find someone during mid-April - so I was like SCORE. I talked to them, and they seemed quite interested, and the mother was like 'yeah, the more the merrier!' so I was like YAY and they live close by (handy for postnatal home visits) but they seemed a bit boganish (not trying to be judgemental or anything). So argh it looks like I have 2 potential pregnant ladies (which is a better dilemma than having none) but I have no idea whether they will consent (although after talking to them it seems almost definite they'll say yes) and I DON'T KNOW WHICH TO CHOOSE I WANT BOTH DAMMIT. But YAY it's quite exciting having a pregnant lady!! Then, after walking to uni for MPPD, my intern tutor said he wanted to have a short session today cos he was tired and had been doing the night shift, so instead of 2 hours our tute was 40 mins! SWEET. And we didn't even have to do simulated patient interviews heehee. But we have to keep a food and activity diary for a week - which should be interesting but I'm really not looking forward to how much I eat, how much CHOCOLATE I eat, and how much exercise I don't do. ARGH.

Church tonight - lol. Note that Church is a nightclub. They're having free drinks for us between 9-10:30 - FREAKING AWESOME. I will be TANKUS tonight with over 130 other people on the list. YES. Can't wait, everyone is going, including all these internationals who usually don't come out which is exciting! Then volleyball tomorrow (I don't think I'll play though), and hopefully A LOT OF WORK.
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Current Music:Hi5 - Love
Subject:Back in Melbourne
Time:11:15 pm
Current Mood:highhigh
This is about a week overdue, but woooo I’m in Melbourne again!! It has been awesome catching up with all you Melbourne people again, I forgot how much I’ve missed you! More than one week of my hols is already over, I have done heaps of catching up but not much work… oops. Though I did finish my philosophy essay on time! Yay. Have done heaps and heaps of shopping which is great, there is just so much variety over here compared to Adelaide! Also have caught up on sleep… which is very good. Highlights of being back include seeing lots of you on Saturday night at Chris’ party and eating that Pounder, and visiting Monash two days in a row. Won’t bore you with the details, but Claudio is such a funny dancer (especially when drunk) and Chris and Heath are so cute together... aww. Also had heaps of fun in lectures today with the 2nd year meddies (hehe I am such a nerd going to lectures during my holidays :P), I wish my lectures were so exciting! Had fun drawing on Casey (and likewise Casey drawing on me) and attacking Paul/his notes with highlighter/pen. I’m sorry (well not all that much ;) hehe) that I distracted you guys so much! Comes from having not to pay any attention (although I did take some notes) and everything going over my head anyway. Hehe I think I was in a particularly destructive mood (well I suppose it has built up over the past 6 weeks) towards Paul, I attacked him with banana peel, grass, rambutan skin (hehe it was me!), tartare sauce, pen, highlighter and I hit him (MLC girls SO do not go “like OMG” every time we see each other!) Also can’t believe how orgasmic (he seriously was) Nick got when he found out I played Warcraft 3 – he was like “OMG you play DotA, that is so cool, OMG you play 3 corridors too? Who do you use? We have to discuss strategy during lecture!” He was so funny. Also really enjoyed anatomy yesterday, it's run really differently to Adelaide. I liked the way there were small groups with one demonstrator to explain everything, although Adelaide will never be like that cos our curriculum coordinator has decided that Adelaide is going down the self-directed learning path :P I also liked how each group got their own cadaver, we look at hearts and other body parts that are seriously 10 years old (like have been lying around for 10 years) and look that way... they're all dry and horrible and quite a few have been kinda disfigured cos so many students have handled them in the past. Occasionally we get good samples, but not very often... oh well. There will be much suggesting to the course committee when I get back to Adelaide! And OMG that Pikachu "Peeky" Powerpoint with Paul (hehe do you like my alliteration?) is SO FUNNY.

Anyway, seeing as I have so much time I typed up our 4 words story for all your enjoyment (I somehow ended up with the final copy). Trust us that it got so dirty in the end, despite efforts to keep it clean! Damn you Casey… hehe. It’s colour coded by who wrote what (it was a bit hard to distinguish writing sometimes, I hope most of it is right!), so go figure! You only get one guess for which bits Casey wrote though ;) It’s classic though, I’m going to stick it up on my pinboard in Adelaide! Hehe.

4 word storyCollapse )

I’m having quality Melbourne Uni people catch up time on Thursday, can’t wait for that! Yay I’ll get to see the other more sensible half of you!
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Time:03:19 pm
ARGH I just lugged 6 FAT FAT FAT medical textbooks (Gray's anatomy, Cecil textbook of med (super fat), Robbins pathologic basis of disease (super fat as well), Tortora physiology, Talley/O'Connor clin exam, and Dorland's med dictionary) up 2 flights of stairs (my good buddy Zhiyang carried them up the last flight cos I was absolutely dying! Lucky that I met him on the second floor) so now am considerably poorer but I now don't have an excuse not to study. First lecture of uni today, was rather boring, we're talking about life and death in M(edical) P(ersonal) and P(rofessional) D(evelopment) cos tomorrow (yes, second day of uni) we're going down to the anatomy lab and viewing cadavers! Wow that was way earlier than I expected but I'm looking forward to it, it seems really interesting! I also have my own funky lab coat and med coat (for clinical visits) which is also very exciting. I'm on a four hour break at the moment, advantage of living so close is that I can walk back for lunch and bum in my room! My room is already messy, I think I need to learn to be tidier! Although I did do my washing yesterday which was a personal achievement cos I still can't believe I motivated myself to do it (although I am running out of clothes, I need a new outfit every day cos it's boiling over here and there is much sweating on the walk to uni!). Hehe randomly, I'm using a very old edition of Robbins as my doorstop (very heavy door, says something about the very heavy textbook that can hold it open!) that I picked up free from the library - it's so much better than the witches hat next door! I'm so amused.

Anyway, over the weekend we had beach day (Semaphore beach is really pretty! Has very nice fine soft sand) which was great, they organised fun activities for us and it was nice to bum around with people. Somehow Andre (my corridor tutor) roped me into playing girls' cricket for Lincoln after playing beach cricket with him so it's a good start for me getting active and fit this year! That night was Op Shop ball - where everyone dressed up in clothes from op shops - which was pretty much an excuse for people to get drunk and for the guys to cross-dress. I wore this HIDEOUS size 16 dress, it was muchly amusing though, I went with Tara who was also wearing another hideous dress so it was ok, I'll have to show you all photos sometime! Although the best thing was Kendrick in a dress - it was freaking hilarious! It was a slim-fitting pink number (actually wasn't too bad a dress) but he looked hilarious! And he also bought a bra which stuck out the top which he stuffed tissues into. hehehe it was great. Dammit my name is on the underage list though so I had to send Sravan to get me drinks all night. The funniest costumes were Ken in a cheong sam (he got so drunk that somehow he ended up in his boxers by the end) and Simon (who is 6 ft+) in a dress with a pillow for his cleavage. So many people got drunk which was expected, but all the first year meddies who went (except me of course!) were all wasted by the end of the night! So there was medcest happening already ;) Also went shopping at Rundle Mall, the first time I've been since I got here, and caught the free bus back to college (hehe I'm doing things on the list!) Had AB with Kendrick (it's a college tradition, AB stands for After Birth so go figure - it's just chips and lamb with tomato, BBQ and garlic sauce, but it looks gross) which was surprisingly good despite the name! Then there was the Lincoln Club OGM where I got chosen as change officer (they gave me $15 of change for the washing machines which I can give out to people) but was rather boring besides that. At least it only went for 1.5 hrs, last year it went for 3! Ended up crashing Cam's room so didn't get to bed till 2 - so am mass buggered today, I nearly fell asleep during my first lecture (I'm learning early!)

I have a nice bludgy timetable this week, no tute for my elective yet, and a 2 hr resource session cut out - just some prelim lectures, PBL, and MPPD tutes. Argh I have to get so much organised (note to self: buy ACT book, book blood test appt, pay fees, do library tute, read up for PBL) so I should probably go! Not to mention I have to walk back to uni very soon, and I have to do reading before it! Which reminds me, I got really sunburnt the other day just from walking to uni (grr) and now have very obvious tan line on shoulders which is starting to peel. I think I need to invest in a scooter or bike so I can get everywhere easier! Woo med camp this weekend which should be great but HELP someone give me an idea for what I can dress up as! Theme is 'When I grow up'... and no doctors allowed!

My net port in my room still doesn't work (damn I can never catch Luke to fix it!) so Gan has kindly let me use his wireless internet account in the meantime! But Luke has his own wireless network at college which interferes with it... so my net connection is dodgy, but at least it's there! I love having wireless... it really beats dialup! Hopefully I'll have a nice quiet night tonight where I can catch up on some sleep, I really need it as you can probably tell from my crazy random rambling!
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Time:12:58 pm
Current Mood:exhaustedexhausted
ARGH. Word of advice - never start work at a new store. My manager has given me shifts on 4 of the past 5 days so I'm absolutely EXHAUSTED. God, how do you guys (in particular you med students) manage uni from 8-5 every day?!?! Because we've only been open a week or so, we have TONS of new stock (the packaging rubbish takes up a whole room!!) and of course, the dirty work has been left to the inexperienced part-timers. Which currently, is only me. So, I have unpacked a gazillion boxes and shelved a gazillion billion products and checked off and labelled those gazillion billion products. If I am lucky, I get to use the till. Like woo. Working in retail means that you can't sit down (we don't even have chairs in our tea room yet) and it is not fun standing in heels for 8 hours straight. But, I suppose, that's work for you, ne? Nah, it's actually not as bad as I've made it out to be... I work with lots of cool people, all female (excepting the pharmacist), all pretty young (in their 20's) and being retail, they're all smiley and friendly and nice.

Lol, I've had some pretty funny experiences though... We have to greet all our customers and ask if we can help them, so I went up to this (Indian) guy and asked if I could help... he turned bright red and murmered something about wanting contraceptives... lol. I showed him and he turned all evasive, trying to be very discreet... Maybe it was just one of those things that you had to be there for. We've sold quite a few pregnancy tests as well... and a lot of fish oil and listerine to Asians.

I'm sure work will get better (when we're fully stocked and when our funky photo machine actually comes in) and hopefully I'll get to work bludgy shifts! Although I do get paid double for working on weekends... My manager has given me full day shifts on both Sat and Sun - does he expect me to have no social life? I'll have to talk to him about that... Currenly, my "permanent" shifts are Wed night, and Saturday and Sunday (argh aren't they horrible?!) but when I work during the day you'll have to come and visit me (Thanks cartondescons for coming to visit me on Monday - I enjoyed your company even if your only purpose was to annoy me and look at walking sticks and blood pressure monitors)!

See most of you geezas on Friday night - I miss you all sooo much! (The only people I've seen recently are phanjmn and snowym7 at the thing that we had to work on the you-know-what for you-know-who) Argh I really have to crash both Monash and Melbourne sometime and catch up with you all properly! Again, I'll just add that I hope that uni gets better for all of you who aren't really enjoying it yet - I don't really have any advice other than to look at it with an open mind - it might take a while but I'm sure you'll adjust to it in the end.
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Subject:Ordering in Japanese at Samurai... woah.
Time:03:16 pm
Current Mood:nostalgicnostalgic
Went to a mini Japan reunion dinner yesterday, it was really good to catch up with everyone! Shiho and Kana came down from Perth and Brisbane respectively, and Natsuki from Wangaratta, so we (me, Bea, Anh, Lily, Amber, Tanya, Emily (who came back from Japan on Sunday), Celeste + her sister, Nao, Miho, Natsuki, Kana and Shiho) went for dinner at Samurai (good ol' sam, forgot how much I missed it!). Everyone's english has improved so much (the exchange students', I mean) and Emily's Jap is soooo good... due to lack of practise, I had trouble keeping up! Emily brought her message book, saw photos of the girls (and guys) in Japan (she was in 2-2, so I knew quite a few of them)... Gary sensei wrote some hilarious message, and put in a really old photo... saw photos of Miki, Shino, Mayumi, Ayumi, "Steeeaven's" host brother and many others... Manabe sensei's replacement is someone named Watanabe sensei... from the nengajyou that she gave Emily, she looks really scary (there was a photo of her cosplaying a cat (?) which was really disturbing...)

After that, walked back to MLC cos they wanted to see it (mind you, this is at about 10pm), the security person was there and so we were like hmmmmmm but we asked him whether we could look around and he said it was alright as long as we don't make too much noise so we don't wake the Stozza...haha, so knowing us, we made lots of noise but luckily nothing happened! Sat down and pigged out on lollies in the music school carpark... we couldn't be bothered walking around so we climbed the Fitzwilliam St gate... haha we must have looked soo suss...

And does anyone have any plans to get the early edition of the paper on Sunday at Fed Square?
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Current Music:Monsters Inc - Put that thing back where it came from... or so help me
Subject:HAPPY NEW YEAR!! :)
Time:06:24 pm
Current Mood:sleepysleepy
Just thought I'd add my well-wishes, though you're all probably already sick of reading that... Hope you have a great time in 2004, you geezas. Celebrated the new year by staying up to watch the fireworks on TV, same old really. Fireworks are so repetitive but these ones were pretty good! Then watched fireworks from our window, we had little pissy ones that only just cleared the tops of the houses nearby and were all yellow (damn our cheapy council). I never make any resolutions, I always end up forgetting about them anyway!

Went to see LotR: RotK yesterday and it was sooo good!! (Don't worry, no spoilers here) Sitting next to sarahofcroydon-geeza and snowym7-geeza meant that I couldn't stop thinking about stuff to parody... especially when Lili kept on randomly laughing (especially at state-the-obvious-Legolas (thanks Celine for that one) and the squished-orange-faced orc that reminded me of something out of Warcraft III) and whispering "Fazza..." under her breath (don't worry Lili, it only made the experience more interesting for me!) Some bits were a bit drawn out (but I suppose that's expected for a 3 hr plus movie)... Can't wait for the extended edition... should be even better!

See you all around sometime this year!!
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Time:10:59 am
Well done Sloo. Need any more be said? You get a special mention because you arty farty person managed to blitz both Vis Comm and VET Multimedia and beat all of the 2 maths/2 science/2 language freaks. You soooooo deserve it and may you wallow in your glory for many-a-day to come!! It's about time that you were recognised for all your talents!! I'm so proud of/happy for you!!
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Time:09:50 am
ENTER. ARGH. Enough said.
Well done to all my freakishly smart friends who were freakishly smart. And to everyone else. We've finished!!! Yay!!! Hope that you all got what you needed and hopefully will see you all at uni next year!

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